Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lens Size Make Some Different

Everyone has at some point had the same problem: no matter how much you try to be consistent with your camera face, some pictures look great and others look awful.
The difference is in the level at which each lens distorts the natural image, bending light so that the three-dimensional image is represented as a two-dimensional photo.

Depending on the lens' focal length, the image will deform and affect how the image looks in photos. The shorter the focal length, the more field of view you can capture. That's why something like a 'fisheye' lens (15mm) distorts objects dramatically.

A larger lens (say 350mm) will flatten and widen the face of the subject. Experts say a 135mm lens would produce the best, most consistently accurate results. But even then there's an element of risk. If nothing else, you can now give your friends a decent excuse as to why you always look bad in holiday snaps.

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