Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NHK Super Hi-Vision video camera with 33 Mega Pixel

Japanese TV company, NHK has developed a video camera 33 MP. This camera can record a new format Super Hi-Vision (7580x4320) which will surpass HDTV.

This tape recording average frames per second up to 120fps. The camera is able to capture about 4 billion pixels per second.

This increase in frame rate from 60fps to 120fps aims to capture fast moving objects. Capture frame rate is slow on the old camera can make objects appear blurred or blurry.

According to Mashable, the camera aims to maximize the video display on giant size screens. Frame rate can be drastically improved to ensure the image is always sharp.

Features of Super Hi-vision
- The system uses a video format with 7680 x 4320 pixels (16 times higher than standard Hi-vision, NHK’s HDTV system) . This world’s first video system with 4000 scanning lines delivers ultra-clear, realistic three-dimensional images that can be achieved only by ultrahigh-definition technology.
- The individual scanning lines are not visually noticeable even when relatively close to the screen, reflecting the high resolution of the system. What’s more, a wider viewing angle conveys a stronger sense of a reality.
- The new 3-D audio system with 24 loudspeakers dramatically enhances presence.

NHK in collaboration with the University of Shizuoka to develop a system of Ultra HD images. The sensor can handle the data as high as 51.2 Gbps. Analog to digital converter has been developed to process data from the pixels.

This camera uses a CMOS sensor 1.5 inches smaller and more efficient than the Ultra HD sensor. This device will also be the world's first camera that supports Ultra HD standard specification.

Based on data, NHK is now planning to increase the light sensitivity of the sensor is an ultra high definition.


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