Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New ways of taking photographs and feel by lytro

Competition in the world of photography has never stopped. Every company has a research division that determines the new innovation into the future of camera features. Innovation is not limited to professional cameras only. One is the magic Lytro camera, which frees us to choose the focus point even after the picture was taken.

The technology that brought Lytro is called light-field photography, where the camera works by collecting light from different directions and then processed by software on the camera as the 3D data of any kind to be photographed. This camera is only capable of producing approximately 1 megapixel images only.

Camera with the ability of these radicals are produced by a company from Silicon Valley and sells for USD 499 (about USD 4.5 million) for a model with a capacity of 16GB. As for the models with a capacity of 8GB priced USD 399 (about USD 3.6 million).

Lytro interface is very simple, it works the way the elaborate disguise. Control available is the power button and shutter, as well as a tiny strip to adjust the image magnification (zoom). Lytro also features a 1.5 inch touch screen that serves to target and control the exposure. Design Lytro so small and elegant, suitable for all levels of camera users. Although some of the complaints arose because the design is too small, that are found to be ergonomic.

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