Thursday, August 11, 2011

Techniques Photographing Model In Outdoors

For photographing models outdoors, there are several techniques that need to be considered by the budding photographer, among others:

1. Use the camera on the ZOOM position so that the model could be a bit far from you.

2. Do not use the Wide Angle lens at the position (wide lens) because there will be distortion effects, the model looks more broadly.

3. When photographing models outdoors, try to find time when the sun is still soft (8-10 mornings or afternoons 3-5). It is characterized by the shadows under the eyelids or nose and neck look softer.

4. Use side lighting technique, where the light comes from the left or right model.

5. In anticipation of the models that are not exposed to light, you can use the techniques fill in light (fill light). Fill in light engineering is a simple to use white paper or white cloth as a reflector (reflective light medium)

6. For models with body size is, position the camera in the middle of the frame and the high level with the model.

7. For models with heavier body size or wide, try to take a somewhat oblique position or about the right to look thinner models.

8. For shooting outdoors models, choose locations that are not so crowded and the soft background so the model became the dominant look. Background color selection also endeavored to avoid the color red because it tends to make skin color more pale or even bluish - tint.

9. Dedication by the model is important because it will affect the aura of the resulting images, try to make models feel comfortable and relaxed, generally this will be obtained after 30 minutes of shooting.

10. Good communication is important so that the model does not lose the mood, such as delivering a less flattering pose, should be raised only the confidence of the model by saying "Ok .." "Well ..", "Great .. poses next please ... "

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