Thursday, August 11, 2011

Understanding Basic Color for IR Photography

One technique in photography there is a technique called Infra Red or IR. To understand these techniques we must first understand the basic colors to get the IR colors are beautiful. There are pictures triangle, which enter the respective angles are color coded (Red, Blue, Green). Be like the picture above the mean is:

* Ma: Magenta is the color combination of Red + Blue
* C: Cyan is a mix of colors between Blue + Green
* Y: Yellow is the color combination of Red + Green
* P: White is a mixture of the three colors Red + Blue + Green

This theory is very useful for IR photography enthusiasts, namely
Understanding of color theory and 3 receptor RGB channel mixer, which means:

If a red convertible with the Blue channel (which we call common channel mixer ...)
Red will be blue
Blue will be Red
Green will remain green

Cyan will be Yellow
Yellow will be the Cyan
Will remain Magenta Magenta

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